3 Key Tips To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

The evolution of the bathroom over the years has seen its value in the household increasingly move beyond the sphere of sheer practicality to embrace finesse and luxury. For the highly scheduled professional juggling a multitude of responsibilities and trying to stay on top of the ever-growing to-do list, the element of lux imbued in bathroom designs reflects the appetite for a distinct haven amidst the accelerating pace of life.

To that end, an effective, well-designed bathroom should address all needs – physical and ethereal. Some bathrooms offer a beautiful sanctuary for rejuvenation, while others serve the everyday family lifestyle. The epitome of a great design will embrace all styles and budgets, maximise space, cater for storage and ensure the area is easy to maintain. These all-encompassing aspects should tie in with your styling preferences, lifestyle choices and associated needs (current and future).


 1. The Users


When people embark on their first bathroom overhaul, the immediate response is to dive into the overall ‘design’, ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the bathroom  – instinctively. However, before detailing tiles, textures and finishes, consider your lifestyle and how many people will be using the bathroom – this will ultimately influence the design, layout, fixtures and fittings required.

Take a moment to consider the following;

  • How many people will use the bathroom regularly?
  • Age, gender & height of the users? (particularly relevant for positioning the shower hose)
  • What is the purpose of your new bathroom?
  • Likes/dislikes of your current bathroom?

Start a collection of magazine clippings, browse the Internet for images and latest trends, visit showrooms and document web images that have inspired you. Try to note your preferences regarding colour, materials, layout and finishes. Don’t be hasty during this decision making process. Ensure to spend time gathering your research meticulously and doing your due diligence with the trending mantra that ‘form follows function’. A well designed, bathroom that reaches far beyond simple aesthetics and caters to functional and storage requirements will add substantial value to your home and salability – it’s a win-win.


2. The Layout


 Isn’t it ironic – the room which tends to have a more than generous amount ‘jostled in’ – shower, baths, basins, vanity and storage space, all of which needs to be quickly and easily accessed, is more often than not the tiniest area in the house: the bathroom. And as if that’s not enough to deliberate – you also need to comfortably move between facilities without bumping into siblings, partners or knocking over things.

Things to consider when deciphering bathroom layout are;

  • Is the bathroom in the right place?
  • Is the view into the bathroom as attractive as possible?
  • What are your storage requirements— cleaning needs, extra soap, shampoo, toilet rolls, razors, makeup, hairspray?
  • Is there enough storage space for everyone who uses the bathroom?
  • Make sure that towel rails are in the right places and that there is room to dry yourself or your children.
  • Have you considered new lighting or ventilation?
  • Is under floor heating or heated towel rails on your wish list?
  • Parents often like a bath for kids. However in single-bathroom homes, if space permits, it’s best to avoid having the only shower located over a bath, but a hand shower in the hob can be a great bonus.

Great design in conjunction with careful and attentive spatial planning will help maximise your bathroom’s function, look and feel.


3. Fittings & Fixtures


There are two main places we become very well acquainted with over certain periods, the kitchen and yes – the bathroom. Considering the amount of time we spend in this unassuming ‘water – closet’, allocating a portion of your budget to good quality fitting and materials will highlight quality and will pay off in the life of your bathroom not wasting time and money on repairs.

Do you need to move your bathroom basics? This could increase costs initially, but if it could be advantageous for you in the long term, increasing property value and worth.

Other considerations include;

  • Waterfall shower
  • Could you do without a bath tub all together and allocate the space to a generous size shower?
  • Concealed cistern toilet?
  • Basin under mounted or on top or half in half on top?
  • Is under floor heating or heated towel rails on your wish list?
  • Flooring

As a side note, if you like the luxury look, but don’t have the budget to indulge too extravagantly, simply select a couple of areas in your bathroom where you can spend.

Well over 90% of bathroom renovations rely on trades, particularly if you need fixtures/fittings removed or are starting a major bathroom overhaul. To ease this process, Jo Taylor Design offers a complete project management service leveraging a trusted team of experienced, high calibre tradesman.

Our consultations deliver tailored solutions for your home, bringing style, functionality and great value to every project. If you would like to enquire about booking a consultation please contact us.